I am an experimental event colourist, based in hackney. My projects generally use traditional components such as oils, acrylics and canvas, manipulating them in interesting and experimental ways. Actual movement of paint and colour interaction rather than depiction plays a major in my creativity, with the movement being supplied through naturally occurring energy systems, such as gravity, wind, or rain. By documenting events and utilising feedback I have developed certain learned processes where gradually amounts of control are obtained whilst still incorporating random unknown qualities.

Ice Painting

Ice Painting involves moulding ice bowls, positioning them on cavas, then filling them with different types of paint, oil based, water based, or different consistencies. When the ice melts, the nature of the paint and positioning of bowls determines the type of colour interaction in different places. The escaping paint spirals out of tiny gaps created when water freezes, creating naturally beautiful luscious colour interactions.

Stills of some of my work